Single Cell Genomes Scientific Challenge

What will you discover using
high-resolution single cell genomes?

10x Genomics has partnered with GENEWIZ to announce the Single Cell Genomes Scientific Challenge. We’re inviting researchers to share innovative ideas using single cell genomes for a chance to win a project (single cell DNA library prep, sequencing, and data analysis).

Uncover true heterogeneity to discover diverse and distinct cell populations

Genomic heterogeneity is a hallmark of tumors and other complex systems. During development or disease progression, cells accumulate genetic changes, including chromosome rearrangements and copy number alterations. These genetically distinct subclones evolve further and expand into populations with diverse cell functions and phenotypes leading to genome instability. Bulk DNA sequencing masks the true genome diversity underlying these cell populations.

Reveal genomic variation across cell populations with single cell DNA

10x Genomics offers solutions to analyze genome-level heterogeneity across individual cells to accurately map the complexity of cellular states and decipher patterns of clonal evolution. Our Chromium Single Cell CNV Solution profiles copy number variation at the chromosomal or sub-chromosomal level in hundreds to thousands of cells in the same sample. At the single cell level, you can detect megabase-size events, and resolve further to 100s of kb using clusters of cells. Learn how to get started with the Chromium Single Cell CNV Solution by watching the most recent webinar presented by a 10x R&D scientist.

We’ve only begun to imagine the kind of biological phenomenon that can be studied using this solution. What are your innovative ideas for investigating high-resolution single cell genomes in your research?

Challenge Details

Submit an abstract (maximum of 300 words) proposing a project that uses the Chromium Single Cell CNV Solution. Specify your sample types and and number of samples, and include your plans for data analysis. A 10x Genomics/GENEWIZ committee will review and select winners based on research creativity and innovation.

Two winners will be selected and each will be awarded one (1) 4-reaction Chromium Single Cell CNV Solution, along with library preparation, sequencing and bioinformatics support from GENEWIZ.

Enter your abstract starting March 29, 2019 and before June 30, 2019. Projects proposed should have at least 4 samples and must be completed by experiments before December 31, 2019.

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The Single Cell Genomes Scientific Challenge is now closed. Thank you for your interest.