10x Genomics Grant Program

10x Genomics in Collaboration with Research Instruments, Miltenyi Biotec and NovogeneAIT are Sponsoring a Pilot Grant Program for Innovative Investigators in Singapore


We are pleased to announce a pilot grant award for single cell sequencing applications. This provides a unique opportunity to support innovative pilot research projects using 10x Genomics Single Cell Chromium Controller.

The support includes tumour dissociation kits from Miltenyi Biotec,10x Genomics library preparation kits for up to 4 samples and 2 free HiSeq lanes (PE 150 bp) by NovogeneAIT. Moreover, Field Application Scientists from 10x Genomics will also be available to support the grant winners. Applications will be reviewed within two weeks of submission deadline.


The goal of this program is to support researchers in Singapore as they seek to generate pilot data to be used in future grant applications, and to promote the utilization of cutting-edge solutions from 10x Genomics for genomic and translational research.


1. Applicants must hold primary research positions and must be planning to submit a grant application to support a broader research aim for which they need pilot data.
2. Applicants may not hold current awards directly related to the proposed research.
3. Young investigators are strongly encouraged to apply.


Applicants are required to fill in all the fields in the form provided and to provide a research abstract of no more than 300 words.

In addition, applicants are strongly encouraged to state the tissue dissociation (if required) and cell preparation protocols (Applicants may refer to this Single Cell Protocols - Cell Preparation Guide for guidance) to be used as well as mention which 10x Genomics product the applicant intend to use for the applicants’ studies under the experimental design section.

Applicants have to be complete the submission by 28th February 2019 to be considered for this program.

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