10x Genomics Grant Program

Applications for the 10x Genomics Singapore Grant Program is now closed.

After a stringent reviewing process of all the abstracts submitted to the 10x Genomics Singapore Grant Program, we are pleased to announce the winners:

First Place Winner:
Professor Tan Nguan Soon, Andrew
Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine

Second Place Winner:
Professor Vinay Tergaonkar 
Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology

Third Place Winner: 
Dr. Matae Ahn
Duke-NUS Medical School 

The 10x Genomics Grant Program was launched to support researchers in Singapore as they seek to generate pilot data to be used in future grant applications, and to promote the utilization of cutting-edge solutions from 10x Genomics for genomic and translational research. 

To stay in touch with news and updates from 10x Genomics, please visit 10xgenomics.com  

The Grant Program is now closed. Thank you for your interest.