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The Chromium Single Cell Controller

A Powerful Solution for Single Cell Discovery

The Chromium Single Cell Controller gives every lab the power to perform single cell RNA sequencing. The new controller is part of our Chromium Single Cell Solution providing a comprehensive, scalable solution for cell characterization and gene expression profiling of hundreds to millions of cells. Affordable and with a simplified workflow, users can go from cell sample to sequencing library in less than one workday.

Get started today!

Our new 4-reaction kit is the perfect size for getting started with single cell analysis. Design your first pilot study for single cell gene expression, and then transition to the 16-reaction kit for greater throughput when you are ready.

Chromium Single Cell 3’ v2 Reagent Kits

All of our Chromium Controllers support our new v2 single cell chemistry:

  • Convenient 4-reaction kit size for pilot studies
  • 16-reaction kit for higher throughput
  • Higher number of transcripts detected per cell with our new v2 chemistry
  • Updated microfluidic chip to ensure robust priming
  • up to 65% cell capture efficiency and a reduced doublet rate
  • New inline barcoding scheme compatible with Illumina® HiSeq® 4000
  • Improved and shortened workflow based on enzymatic shearing
  • Higher number of transcripts detected per cell


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Our NEW solution features:
  • Complete workflow in one day
  • Throughput flexibility
  • Cell capture efficiency up to 65%
  • Compatible with Illumina®
    HiSeq® 4000/2500/NextSeq®/
    MiSeq® sequencers