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The Chromium Single Cell V(D)J Solution

Immune Repertoire Profiling at Single Cell Resolution

Now, simultaneously examine the cellular context of the adaptive immune response and the immune repertoires of hundreds to millions of T and B cells on a cell-by-cell basis for translational immunology, immuno-oncology, infectious disease research, and other applications of single cell genomics!

Accelerate the Understanding of the Adaptive Immune System

Cellular characterization with single cell 5' gene expression measurements and paired, full-length immune repertoire profiling will accelerate our understanding of the phenotypes and cellular context of the adaptive immune system. Shown below is a Loupe™ Cell Browser t-SNE projection of ~8,000 peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) from a healthy donor. Major subpopulations are classified by well-characterized cell markers within a heterogenous PBMC sample.


Antigen specificity and immune system diversity are generated by V(D)J recombination and somatic hypermutation in a clonal manner. Antigen specificity is determined by two co-expressed genes, the heavy and light chains of the B cell immunoglobulins and the alpha and beta chains of the T-cell receptor. Single cell sequencing reveals the true clonality and diversity of the immune repertoire. Shown below is the isotype frequency of paired Ig heavy and light chains from ~4,300 CD19+ B cells isolated from PBMCs from a healthy donor.


Solution Features

  • Rapid and efficient microfluidics
  • Partition 100-80,000+ cells in < 7 minutes
  • Run 1 to 8 channels in parallel
  • No lower size limit on cells
  • Recover up to 65% of all loaded cells
  • Low doublet rate: 0.9% per 1,000 cells
  • Compatible with Illumina® HiSeq® 4000/2500/ NextSeq®/ MiSeq®/ NovaSeq™ 6000 sequencers


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Now Updated With:
  • Single cell 5' gene expression profiling
  • Targeted enrichment of full-length, paired B cell immunoglobulin transcripts
  • Integrated analysis and visualization of immune repertoire and gene expression data
Compatible With a Variety of Input Sample Types, Including:
  • Lymphocytes, PBMCs and T and B cell lines
  • FACS-isolated T and B cells
  • MACS® MicroBead-enriched T and B cells
  • Tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs)
  • Dissociated cellular suspensions